First dance class in over 13 years, yoga musings

Super fun. Super hard. It was a contemporary class, which I have never actually done before. I assumed with seven years of ballet under my belt from childhood that I would be able to move a little better, but it was so different. The movements were sloppy and graceful at the same time, and I couldn’t make it look good. And my balance is not a good as I thought it was. Everything felt awkward, but it was still a lot of fun! I really liked the teacher and what we did, so I am excited to go back next week.

I also really liked the music she played. I forgot about the whole genre of “dance class music.” I’ll have to get more info on that from her.

I’ve also been doing Bikram Yoga for about a month and a half now, which I also really like- LOVE, actually. It’s so cleansing, and I can see a difference in my body, and I also feel different. More calm, less reactive. I think it is something I will stick with, especially in the colder months. I bet that hot box will feel waaaaay better then.

Family reunions are weird.

It’s just instantly weird to see people you literally haven’t seen in at least 10 years. I didn’t know what to say or even stupid things like, “Should I laugh at that?” Thank goodness Grandma was such a chatterbox.

But more than weird, it was good. More good than I would have thought possible. It was warm and nostalgic and energizing somehow. And then exhausting. I wanted to sleep the whole car ride home.

Hopefully we carry on.

An overdue update

In case you’re wondering, part of my work activities include frolicking with cows, as shown here:cow

For I am the Cow Whisperer.

In other news, I moved out! I now have my own apartment, and life on my own is amazing It’s quiet and I can do whatever I want and I have hardwood floors, which are very important.

Additionally, the boy friend and I have decided to learn Swedish and one day go to Sweden. Ja!

Dreams do come true

Believe you me.

I applied for a job as a Communications Manager at a veterinary college at the best of all universities. Then I got called back for an interview. And then another. And then they hired me.


More than the RIDICULOUS salary, FANTASTIC benefits, and STUPID discount on credits for my Master’s degree, I will be spending each and every day doing exactly what I love, and let me tell you- there is no price tag that flashy.

So if you need me in T-18 days, you will find me typing up fancies, thinking ideas, championing the absolute SHIT out of them, and petting the baby cows.

Oh, and if that isn’t good enough, I’ve just finished my third freelance writing gig.ūüėČ


My article. They liked it. They’re running it this May.

They want to meet me and talk about doing more.

Ho.Ly.Shit. Really, this has been the best afternoon. I got out of work, went to confession, got my favorite Chinese takeout, watched Parenthood, ate crispy M&Ms, and then checked my email to find this glowing gem.

I’m so excited! Officially a professional writer because I JUST MADE $200 DOING WHAT I LUUUUUUUUUV!

New goals for ways to improve

1. More writing: personal, freelance, and volunteer

2. Continued fitness progression: these are my goals for end of summer
-ten pull-ups
-100 sit ups in two minutes
-21 minute three-mile run

3. Getting back to God: or developing some sort of regular spirituality in my life

Big news for a little writer

Super jazzed about this- on Wednesday¬†night, I made a mental promise to myself that I was going to start back with the freelance writing effort. Remember a few months ago when I applied to all these magazines and companies and organizations for freelance/volunteer writing or editing experience? Remember when I had NO takers? I couldn’t give it away!

Well, I shit you not, Thursday afternoon, I got an email from a prominent local magazine. They’re starting a new column in May that they gave me parameters on and said if I sent them something they wanted to use, they would pay me $200.

She gave me two weeks. I sent her two versions in less than 36 hours. FINGERS CROSSED!

To top that off, I found- through a LinkedIn volunteer writing posting- a website called There’s a ton of different volunteer writing positions posted, so I’m going through those as well to see what else I can dig into.

Really pumped, really excited about all this.